All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Cutler Reservoir has affected the lives of Cache Valley residents for nearly a century.  Now PacifiCorp plans to destroy homes, livelihoods and thousands of acres of wetlands that are the home to hundreds of species.     We won't rest till they are stopped.


Our Mission

Our goal is to stop PacifiCorp from raising the elevation of Cutler Reservoir and in the process destroying ecosystems, taking private property and robbing Cache Valley of productive agricultural land.  We will fight on any and all fronts to stop this corporate overreach.

PacifiCorp has taken land from me, my father and grandfather over almost a century. I will go down fighting so they won’t take it from my grandkids.
— Jim Watterson

What We'Doing

  • Creating a group to collectively fight PacifiCorp
  • Engage all affected groups to join the fight:
    • Property Owners
    • Recreationists
    • Environmental Groups
  • Communicate with elected officials and government entities to inform them and engage them to resist this proposal.
  • Provide information to fuel concerned citizens' efforts.
  • Provide a common location to join our efforts.